Cambodia postcards

This February we had a chance to visit Siem Reap in Cambodia and particularly the amazing site of Angkor Wat. In this current heartbreaking situation I would love to share some images from our trip with you, because I truly believe that wanderlust it is first of all a state of mind and we have to nourish and inspire it. Let's continue to dream and to encourage each other !

We were absolutely amazed by being able to roaming through these ancient temples, and most of all touched by cambodian people and their so authentic smiles. Mr. Win, our tuk-tuk driver, took us for a ride among the rice fields and authentic villages and it will always be graved in our memories as one of the best part of this trip.

I hope these images will bring some light to your day. Sending you all a lot of love and courage, we will overcome it altogether ! Please be safe and stay at home.




Hey, welcome ! Here are some slices of the stories we captured, everyday inspiration moments and travel postcards  journaling.

I hope it will bring you light and joy and will allow us to know each other a little bit better.



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