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Sakura blossoms honeymoon session, Tokyo

Last April we had a chance to photograph some beautiful moments during Talitha and Cedric's honeymoon in Tokyo. We spent two days together and were absolutely amazed by sakura cherry blossoms at this period.

Talitha is an amazing person and talented wedding dress designer, she created by herself her special cherry blossoms honeymoon dress. By the way if you are looking for a tailor-made wedding gown, just take a look at her creations on her website, she is absolutely fabulous !

What an adventure with the barks ! They were not easy at all to direct and we were a lot turning around to have the right position between our own bark and the couple's bark, we laughed so much and it is such a fun memory of that wonderful day.

We ended up by roaming in the city, eating our best ever ramen and singing a karaoke altogether and understanding a japanese karaoke settings is a whole another story :)


Hey, welcome ! Here are some slices of the stories we captured, everyday inspiration moments and travel postcards  journaling.

I hope it will bring you light and joy and will allow us to know each other a little bit better.



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